Skiing in Japan is gaining popularity amongst the round eye and rightfully so – Its just so dam good!

There are over 500 resorts/”ski hills” in Japan, however many of these are just a single chairlift or tow up a small hill. Of these 500 places to ski about a fifth of them are situated on Japans northern most island: Hokkaido. Below is a list of ski resorts that we have visited in Hokkaido:

  • Niseko (This is actually 4 resorts that are linked)
  • Rusutsu
  • Furano
  • Kamui Ski Links
  • Sapporo Kokusai
  • Canmore
  • Asahidake Ropeway
  • Kiroro

See below for a map of some of the best places to ski in Hokkaido!

Thinking of going into the Backcounty in Japan?


Let the mountain be the mountain