New Splitboard

So after trying a splitboard at Dead Horse Gap (near Thredbo, Australia) I decided to acquire one of these new toys:)

After a number of nights researching what to get I decided upon the Burton Landlord (163cm) with a set of Spark R&D Magneto bindings. Ok… I do lie a little, I was swayed in that direction because the local snowboard store, Mainpeak was having a sale on all boards and bindings which meant I picked up the board and a set of Spark R&D bindings for about $950:)

The Board is a “S rocker” which basically means its camber under foot with a rocker nose to help keepĀ  it afloat in the POW!

The other thing that attracted me to this setup was the ease of setting up with the new split channel. I had used many Burton boards with their standard channel system before and have always been impressed so choosing a board with this system wasn’t a hard decision.

Anyway its a reasonably light setup (especially for the cost):

  • 163 Burton Landlord without mounting hardware: 3450g
  • Board with mounting hardware (voile pucks etc): 3950g
  • Each Spark Magneto binding: 750g
  • Total – Board + Bindings: 5450g

Anyway I will report back after I test it on the skidogs Japan 2015 trip!

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